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Le haras

Reproduction and insemination center

Until three years ago, our stud farm (based in Saint-Lô, in Normandy) was a public establishment; it has since been taken over by Denis HUBERT, holder of a veterinary degree with more than 25 years of experience in horse breeding. He then joined forces with Benoît LEPAGE to supervise activities relating to frozen semen, thus creating the SARL Haras de Saint-Lô.
Our teams are also made up of Hélène SAVINA, it is she who will welcome you during your visit to the stud farm and will accompany you in your steps to have your mare covered. From Swann PETIT, who manages reception at the veterinary clinic and will guide you in the management of your mare during the breeding season. And finally, comes Adrien BRET, who is an inseminator and stallion, he is in charge of the stable of stallions, samples and treatment of semen.

A few adjustments have been made

In order to offer the best welcome to our animals and to satisfy the demands of our customers, our stud farm has two stables dedicated to the reception of stallions and mares. One, made up of 20 boxes, is located in the national stud farm, the other, equipped with 10 boxes, Chemin de la Madeleine, in Saint-Lô.
Within our reproduction center have also been set up a laboratory, a gynecology and insemination room and a breeding room.
Qualified staff are naturally available to the horses to guarantee their daily well-being and the quality of the monitoring carried out.

Support from A to Z for your stallion

The stallion receives, in the same way as the mare, all the necessary care. In our reproduction center in Saint-Lô, we offer boarding for the breeding and freezing season, as well as the collection of semen.