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GREY, Stallion, 172 cm, 20 years

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His father


Vice-Champion for 6-year-olds in 1999 at the Bundes-Championship then winner in CSI 1.60m and CSIO5* for the German team with Eva Bitter, in particular 2nd in the GP 1.60m at the CSI4* in Hamburg in 2003, 4th of the Samsung Super League Final in Barcelona in 2005, 2nd in the GP 1.50m at the CSI3* of Nörten-Hardenberg, Affalterbach, 3rd at the CSI3* of Balve, Aselage, Münich... He won the German Championship for riders in 2003, elected "Stallion of the Year" in Hannover in 2007.
45th best sire of CSI winners in the WBFSH ranking in 2021, he is the sire of Stan, CSI 1.60m with J-M. Luzardo, winner of a 1.60m at the CSI4*-W of Valle de Bravo, 2nd of the GP 1.60m at the CSI3* of Balvanera, Starling 7, CSI 1.55m with B. Alves, 5th of the GP 1.55m at the CSI3* in Paderborn, 2nd in the Nations Cup at the CSIO3* in Lisbon, Souvenir 29, German champion in 2009 with P. Weishaupt, 2nd in the CSIO5* Nations Cup in Saint-Gall and the GP CSIO5* in Falsterbo in 2009, Sama Dubai FBH, CSIO5* with A. Mohd Al Marri, winner of the GP 1.60m at the CSI4* in Abu Dhabi in 2019, Gotcha, 4th in the GP 1.60m at the CSI3* in Tryon with S. McCarthy in 2021, Sierra FBH, CSI 1.60m with A. Mohd Al Marri, Sun Fire 2, CSI 1.60m with J. Sung Heo, Asian Games 2010 •Stalido, CSI5*-W with A. Kreuzer, winner of GP 1, 50m from Verden, Lastrup, Special One 2, CSI 1.60m with T. Meyer, winner of the GP 1.50m from Dettighofen-Albführen, Verden in 2018 and Stachiatto, Safira 41, Capital Shiraz, Quiwe di Villagana, Sunfire 9, Stakkador , Vicktoria, Red Stakkato, Stakkarus, Shiver, Shakira 94, Stamiro 2, Argelith Sambuca, Al Commandos... all good winners in CSI 1.40m to 1.50m
He has more than 70 stallion sons including the performance stallions Saint Amour, winner of the GP CSI5*-W of Gothenburg with S. Johansson, Dukato M, Asian Games with R. Galinov in 2018, winner in CSI 1.60m, Satisfaction FRH, winner in CSI 1.60m with M. Kutscher, Spartacus TN, CSI4* with H. van de Pol, By Ceira d'Ick, Ukato, 3rd in the world championship for 6-year-olds in 2007 with W. Greve, Spotlight Z, ISO 143, CSI 1.45m with L. Goffinet, Loro Piana Filou de Muze, CSIO5* with L. Le Jeune Vizzini, Scendix, Belgian championship finalist and bronze medalist at the 5-year-old world championship ...
Among his offspring indexed in France: Clin Doeil du Paradis, 2nd in the CSIO3* Nations Cup in Drammen and 3rd in the GP 1.60m at the CSI3* in Knokke with G. Foutrier in 2021, ISO 157, Lucius de la Meurthe ISO 152 , Ronaldo de la Pomme, CSI 1.50m, ISO 155, Akkato du Borget, CSI 1.45m, ISO 142, Sweet Northern, CSI 1.40m, ISO 139...
He is the sire of CCI2* winners Samba PJ, Seal 8, Hello Sofia and CCI3* Hickstead Musterd, Stakkato II, Sam B Sterntaler 67.

His first mother


Winner in CSI 1.50m with S. von Ronne is also the mother of:
• Stakkira, mother of:
 - Baloukira, CSI 1.60m with A. Kreuzer,
 - Shakira 440, CSI 1.40m under the German saddle.
• Baloufina, mother of:
 - Chabou 2, CSI 1.40m,
 - Chacco du Rouet, CSI 1.40m.
• Baby Arko, CSI 1.60m under the Italian saddle,
• Chevalier de Blue, CSI 1.50m under the German saddle,
• Dicaprio, CSI 1.45m,
• Diatola, CSI 1.40m,

His second mother


She is also the mother of:
• Faahlin
This is the Holsteiner dam line 8795, from the thoroughbred base mare Okay.




He made his debut in young horse classes and then won international Youngster Tour classes under the saddle of Bastian Freese, notably winner of a 1.40m class at the CSI3* of Vejer de la Frontera in 2011.
Injured in 2012 in the hind pastern, he is totally dedicated to breeding.




▶ 74th best sire of CSI winners in the WBFSH ranking in 2021
• Stalando 2, winner in CSI 1.50m with A. Oplatek in 2021, 75th world performer in 2020 with M. Fuchs, JEM de Tryon
•Volo's Diamond, 5th in the GP 1.60m at the CSI3* of Tryon and Traverse City in 2021 with T. Korothin
•Stakkatan, winner in GP CSI5* and CSIO5* with A. Oplatek, 4th in a 1.60m at the CSI5* GCT of Saint-Tropez in 2021
•PB Stagenta, CSI 1.55m with P. Reich, 2nd in the GP 1.50m at Galgenen
•Sam 1091, 5th in a 1.60m at the CSI4* in Bridgehampton with Peter Lutz
•Stella, CSI 1.60m with M. Renzel, 3rd in the GP 1.60m at the CSI4* in Dortmund, 5th at the CSI4* in Hagen
•Incitatus, winner in GP CSI 1.60m with V. Khosla
•Sandilot PS, winner in CSI5* with X. Riley
•Silhouette Island, CSI 1.55m with A. van Colen, ISO 157, CSI5* GCT with I. Garcia Roque
•Sophia N89 Z, CSIO5* with S. Samir
▶ and Stackfleth, CSI 1.50m with P. Barrios, Stavita PS, CSI 1.50m with R. Muhr, Starouge, GP CSI 1.45m with L. Simpson, Stakkun, CSI 1.45m with N. Pizzaro, Stakko, CSI 1.45m with A. Vale, Chakkato el Ganador, CSI 1.45m with P. Kovács, Starouet, GP 1.45m with F. Rizzi, Stalensky and Stachado PS, CSI 1.45m with E. Gaudiano, VIP Stakkadon CSI 1.40m with Mr. Owaida Moh'd Al Karbi, Spacecake, winner of the GP CSI2* of Opglabbeek and 4th of the GP CSI2* of Kronenberg with E. Whitaker
▶ He is the father of good winners in CCI2* Skywards, Sandhills Sensantion, Euphoria.
▶ Among his products in France, we note: Stalognia, winner of 1.50m events at the CSI4* and 5* of Saint-Tropez in 2021 with R. Lopez, Staletta PS, CSI 1.45m with Axel van Colen, ISO 146 , Stakalite CSI 1.45m with Axel van Colen, ISO 147, Stanette ISO 138, Vvacanipy de l'Icone ISO 131, Katsumi, finalist at 5 years old...
▶ He is the sire of 2 Top Prices at PSI Sales: Stalognia dam of the stallion Kannatol (Kannan) sold €615,000 in December 2020 and Stalando.




Very signed Stakkato and Capitol, he will bring his strength, his technique, his look and his respect to mares with enough blood.